Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flip2BFit: The Magic is in the Movement

Flip2BFit addresses physical, mental and emotional health!
It's a powerhouse of active fun and front-line weapon
against childhood obesity and low self-esteem!

The Magic is in the Movement
If childhood obesity, low self-esteem and health are problems (and they are all problems in our society), Flip2BFit and Bakari are the answers! This board game and memory card game offer a powerhouse of  active fun! They are a great way to introduce more exercise and movement into a child's life in a fun and non-threatening way!  And when something is fun, it is more likely to be done.  It's what Kidlutions calls the "Fun and Done" principle.  Consistent movement and exercise is the key to good health.  With Flip2BFit and Bakari, even kids who shy away from movement activities are sure to see how fun fitness can be!
The Power to Transform Lives
Flip2BFit products benefit physical, mental and emotional health through their fabulous Flip2BFit boardgame and Bakari Memory game that have the power to transform lives. Creative fitness is where it's at with these two fabulous resources!
Bakari! Improving mind, memory and muscles!

 Movement and Fitness Improve Self-Esteem and More
A strong body, strong mind and strong sense of self contribute to one's confidence and success.  Who doesn't want that for their child?  When you give a child the tools to achieve these characteristics, you are giving him the key to a better future.  Flip2BFit and Bakari do all of the above!

Movement helps kids work through frustration, tension and grumpy moods! There is no better way to do it than this! It's the approach I'd recommend!
Studies have shown that movement helps prevent heart disease, reduce stress, imporove mental health, improve sleep, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes.  Kids might not really care too much about that, as much as they care about the fun factor.  Lucky for parents and caregivers everywhere, Flip2BFit has built the fun right in!  Genius!
10 Habits of a Healthy Kid
Flip2BFit offers these 10 suggestions to help kids lead healthier lives:
  1. Be physically active every day
  2. Turn off the screens and live your life!
  3. Eat smaller amounts
  4. Drink water instead of soda or juice
  5. Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit every day
  6. Eat less fast food
  7. Snack on healthy foods
  8. Switch to lowfat (1% or less) milk, cheese and yogurt
  9. Get enough sleep
  10. Do something healthy every day that makes you feel good
A Product That Gives Back
When you purchase a Flip2BFit product, you are helping to support their mission to improve the lives of children everywhere.  Flip2BFit gives back in numerous ways, including supporting the health of countless children through the following programs:  Fit To Be Kids, The Fit Kids Foundation, CHALK and Fitness For Africa.  Phew! Flip2BFit is a company on the move when it comes to helping others!
Welcome to the Kidlutions family of award-winners, Flip2BFit!  We are happy to have you aboard! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nightmare Nibbler Noshes Bad Dreams: Double Duty

Nightmares Happen!

Nightmares happen.  The Nightmare Nibbler can help!  Nightmares are common in preschoolers and can be an issue throughout early childhood.  Parents are often besides themselves, trying to figure out a way to make it all stop so the whole family can back to peaceful slumber.

Does Your Child Need a Sleep Makeover?

Do you have a child whose sleep habits could benefit from a little makeover?  Does he wake up during the night seeking support and solace because of another "bad dream"?  Sleep deprivation is a serious health issue that has far reaching effects.  In addition to health issues, lack of sufficient sleep can affect your child's mood, behavior, memory and growth. 

The Nibbler Knows

The Nightmare Nibbler knows just how to take care of bad dreams. He's happy to take the night-shift so that you and your pint-sized person can get all the shut-eye you need. 

More Than a Good Night's Sleep

When the Nightmare Nibbler sets off to work, and your child begins to master his nightmares, he'll get more than a good night's sleep.  You'd be grateful for that, I know, but there's yet another benefit.  When your child can get a handle on his nightmares, he'll be developing a sense of ability to deal with whatever problems come his way.  This sense of mastery is a huge boon to self-esteem!

Keeping Good Company

The Nibbler is a fabulous bedtime buddy, but he's a great daytime companion, as well.  Your child will be sure to make fast friends with the Nibbler.  Don't be surprised if he wants to carry the Nibbler with him everywhere he goes! 

Speaking of good company, the Nibbler has been with us for a year now.  It is his one year anniversary with the Preferred Products Award!  That's one more year of making bedtimes better and more sleep possible!   You can see the original winning post here.  We look forward to celebrating many more years together! 

Norbert Does Double-Duty

Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler has been doing a fine job of keeping nightmares at bay across the land. Now he has some back-up. Not that he needs it, mind you. He's been doing a great job on his own.  But now  he can call in for reinforcement with his very own book, "Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler".

In this whimsical book, Norbert is chosen for a special mission. He is selected to travel from the Nightmare Nibbler Nation down to Earth, where he will keep order in the house and peace throughout the night by gobbling up any nightmares in his path. From the moment he is shuttled to Earth, everyone is granted a tranquil night's slumber.

Norbert noshes nightmares like it's nobody's business.  But that's not all this book is about.  No, there's more to the story than meets the eye. There's a second message to be had.  You're never to small to make a difference!  This book delivers on a number of levels and is the perfect accompaniment to the plush Norbert, who has been winning his way into the hearts of kids and parents everywhere! 

To Norbert, Nightmares are delicious. Just like a full night's sleep would be for you!
Thanks for making a difference in the lives of children and families, Nightmare Nibbler.  Congratulations on your growth and having two products that bear the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award Seal for Social-Emotional Development. 
Every kids needs a Nibbler!

The plush and book are available separately, or together on the Nightmare Nibbler site. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smart Parenting for Smart Kids

Smart kids have it "made in the shade", right?  Not so much!  Luckily for the parents of those smart kids, Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Dr. Mark Lowenthal combined their talents and wrote "Smart Parenting for Smart Kids".  Bright kids face obstacles that we don't often consider, but these two therapists know all too well the types of difficulties that await intellectually advanced children.

The good doctors focus on seven fundamental challenges that face smart kids.  Included in that list are: Dealing with perfectionism, relationships, managing sensitivity (and if you parent or teach a bright kid, you know just what this is all about), cooperation and competition, dealing with authority, developing motivation, and finally, finding joy.

Kennedy-Moore and Lowenthal point out the areas that might represent hurdles for smart kids, and they help parents identify effective ways to respond and support children for better outcomes.  They recognize the pressures that come along with higher levels of intelligence, and they help keep it all in perspective, by shining on a light on the issues which parents might not often consider.

Very important things to remember in this quick video!

The book is loaded with vignettes and creative ideas and activities that you can use with your kids, to help them learn better coping skills. Kennedy-Moore and Lowenthal empower parents to teach their kids some crucial psychological and emotional tools, in a fun and non-threatening manner.  It is a rare gem, whose pages will delight you with innovative approaches to the problems that often get smart kids "stuck". 

Never preachy or "academic", "Smart Parenting for Smart Kids" gets to the heart of the matter.  It's about raising healthy, stable children who develop the emotional literacy necessary to truly succeed in life.  The book is grounded on the tenets of social-emotional skill-building, which is a must for every child, but which can be more challenging for particularly bright children.  The book aims to help you raise kids with compassion, perspective, and grit.  Just hearing those words alone makes my heart smile.

Drs. Kennedy-Moore and Lowenthal suggest strategies that will help your children gain the ability to problem-solve, handle conflict, deal with disappointment and more.  They also provide a section in each chapter entitled, Show the Way, in which they spell out how your own behaviors and reactions impact your child.

So very, very true!  Allowing our kids to do their own work.  

This book is a must read for every parent who is raising a child who is gifted or advanced.  It is geared specifically towards some of the stumbling-blocks faced by these kids.  However, the book is so well-written and full of ideas that apply to all children.  The techniques and activities, as well as parental mind-sets discussed, would work wonders with any child (and parent).

To read this book is to love it!  If a book can be called "exquisite", this is it!  You can read the whole first chapter here.

One word of caution, though.  If you use a pencil to underline the most pertinent parts of the books you read (like I do), be sure to have a pencil sharpener handy.  You will need it.  I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I underlined my way thorough the "Smart Parenting for Smart Kids"!

Welcome to the Kidlutions family of award-winners, Dr. Kennedy-Moore and Dr. Lowenthal.  "Smart Parenting for Smart Kids" is a book I will recommend to parents, educators and colleagues time and again.  It's just that powerful!

(If Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore's name sounds familiar, it is because she also has another award-winning book, "What About Me? 12 Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention Without Hitting Your Sister")

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What About Me? 12 Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention (Without Hitting Your Sister)

It's a fact of life.  When you parent more than one child, you will have to deal with some intense moments.  That may include bickering, screaming, tattling, and (sigh) physical altercations.  What we've come to know as sibling rivalry may actually be your child's attempt at getting their piece of the parental pie of attention.  Negative behaviors have proven to be a quick and sure-fire way to garner that attention.  Few parents can ignore the wailing that accompanies a younger sibling being bonked on the head with a wooden block.

But, what if you coud teach your child some better ways to get your attention?  What if your child could learn some proactive, positive ways to be noticed by you and still keep the peace?  This can be more than wishful thinking when you share What about Me?: Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention Without Hitting Your Sister with your child. 

Here's a quick and sweet introduction to the book:

What about Me?: Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention Without Hitting Your Sister was written by Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, a psychologist who is the mom of four children.  She knows the importance of teaching children positive replacement skills, not just telling them what we don't want them to do.  That's a key piece of building our children's social-emotional muscles.

According to Kennedy-Moore:

One of the hardest things about being a sibling is having to share parents' attention.  Even in the most loving home, older siblings tend to hear comments like: "Be quiet or you'll wake your sister."  "We'll do that later - I have to feed the baby now."  Or, "Let your brother play, too."  Preschoolers can't explain to their parents, "I'm feeling frustrated, jealous, and left out.  I could really use some extra attention and reassurance of your love." Instead, they are likely to misbehave and even lash out by screaming, hitting, pushing, or snatching toys."

What about Me?: Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention Without Hitting Your Sister will go a long way towards supporting young children, ages 3-8, in sharing mom and dad's attention with younger siblings.  Can you imagine the sense of grown-up independence you would feel as a small child, if someone gave you a dozen new ways to get noticed that wouldn't get you in trouble? This book does it all with a can-do approach that offers loving guidance and whimsical illustrations. 

Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore
What about Me?: Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention Without Hitting Your Sister won't be a book that will just sit on your child's shelf.  They'll ask you to read it again and again, and they'll also refer to it themselves.  The pictures perfectly capture the ideas for non-readers, so even they can refer to the book on their own, to remind themelves of ways to appropriately get their needs met.  This book should be in the home of anyone parenting more than one child!  When a new baby is expected, this book makes the perfect gift for the big brother or big sister!

Welcome to the Kidlutions award-winning family, Dr. Kennedy-Moore. There will be many, many more peaceful homes, thanks to What about Me?: Twelve Ways to Get Your Parents' Attention Without Hitting Your Sister.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kimochis: Plush Toys with a Purpose!

Feelings can be messy...Kimochis can help!

If I told you that you could raise your child to be happy and successful, and that it could be as simple as having them play with a plush toy, you might raise an eyebrow. Initially, that is! Because once you see and experience Kimochis, you will see exactly what I mean.

My heart skipped a beat when I was first introduced to Kimochis about a year ago. I was thrilled when the creators submitted them for our award. It didn’t take long for our reviewers to see that Kimochis and our Preferred Product Awards went together like PB&J.

Kimochis (KEY.MO.CHEES), which means “feeling” in Japanese, is the name given to these whimsical plush creatures, which do more than just look cute and colorful on your child’s bed or shelf. They are so much more than plush toys. In fact, they are plush toys with a purpose!

It’s all about the feelings. Being able to identify them in ourselves and others is a critical life skill. Moreover, being able to cope with those feelings, manage intense and uncomfortable feelings and having the confidence to handle whatever problems come our way, are the things that great lives are built upon.

An example of some of the feelings in the "mixed feelings" bag.

Kimochis help with all of the above in a way that is accessible and FUN for young children. Often, you will hear parents or caregivers say, “Use your words”, when trying to assist a child in communicating about intense emotions. Kimochis actually give your kids the feeling words to use.

Kimochis come with three feelings face pillows, that have the feeling written on the back. More available for purchase.  In the extra kits, there is a blank pillow and a marker, for your child to be able to talk about and deal with whatever feeling may be pressing at the moment!

More examples of feeling pillows!

They also come with an incredible 48 page “Kimochis Feel Guide”, which is an incredible resource when it comes to creative uses of the Kimochis plush toy and feelings. (Seriously folks, this “Feel Guide” alone is golden!)

Kimochis is all about the business of helping your kids manage feelings in socially acceptable ways. Only they make it fun, memorable and upbeat!  Don't think these will just benefit the kids, though.  Better communication about feeling benefits us all!

Welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family, Kimochis!  So glad you have joined us!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Listen to Me, Please: A Triple Dip of Feelings Fun!

Don't parent without this book!

A Trio of Award Winners

Did you ever come across a product that made your heart sing?  What about three of them at once?  That was exactly what happened when I read and listened to all of the incredible greatness of Ava Parnass.  Ava is the multi-talented clinician that is behind three of our newest Preferred Product Award winning resources that help kids.  It was a triple dip of feelings fun!   Just knowing these products are out there changing the world has me dancing in the streets!  And this time, I'm not even dancing to the music in my head.  It's the music of Ava and gang that goes along with the some of the books!

Listen to Me, Please

What do kids need?  They need a lot, and one of their primary needs after food, water, shelter and love is the need to be listened to.  Really listened to.  It seems like something that should come naturally to all of us, yet with the frenetic pace of today's world, and multiple demands on our time, we may not listen to or children in ways that are meaningful to them. 

Ava Parnass, RN, MSN
Listen to Me Please: Time-In Not Time-Out is a game changer.  In this book, Ava and her co-author, Dr. Ron Taffel, give you the low down to raising socially-competent, well-adjusted and better behaved children.  All without time-out!  Use this book with your children, connect with them on a deeper level and watch misbehavior disappear!  It's pure relationship magic!

In addition to helping you listen to your child more effectively, this book will help you accentuate the positive, and help you help your child handle tough feelings, deal with the pressures of modern life and learn from mistakes.  This book is part parenting field guide and part interactive story book.  It's a book both you and your child will want to return to again and again!

My Feelings are Hungry

My Feelings are Hungry may be the single-most
important book in the fight against childhood obesity.

Did you even know that feelings could get hungry?  They can and this is part of the reason that childhood obesity is at an all time high.  Our country is working diligently at trying to prevent and remedy this problem.  My Feelings are Hungry is the first book I have ever seen that addresses some of the key emotional issues that make kids want to eat more.  My Feelings are Hungry is likely to become one of the single-most important books in the fight against childhood obesity.

This book is incredible from start to finish. The main character, Rebecca, is having a very bad day.  Through rhyming prose, we take a trip with Rebecca through her kitchen, as she tries to calm herself with goodies and confections of all sorts.  Suddenly, Mushy, a magical book guide, appears to transport the main character through Feelings Town.

Here's just a small sampling of the book's prose as the characters make their way through Feelings Town:

Mushy told me that asking for so many treats
Means I'm not saying something I feel underneath
So I told her what happened one step at a time
Like a tangled-up string I had to unwind

See?  I told you it's GREAT!  Pair that with bright, whimsical drawings and you have a winning combination that's better than any calorie-laden concoction.

On their journey, Mushy helps Rebecca explore myriad feelings.  Through talking and processing those feelings, Rebecca is able to learn new ways to cope with them.  Feelings Town is a wonderful place for all kids to explore their inner workings and learn that having big feelings is okay!  The message that My Feelings are Hungry delivers will last a lifetime. 

Where Did My Good Mood Go?

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn't know what came over you?  One of those days where you felt out of sorts?  Kids have those kinds of days, too.  Now, you can help them make sense of it with Where Did My Good Mood Go?

Mushy, that magical book guide, again helps the main character navigate the sometimes uncharted waters of difficult feelings.  Mushy models healthy exploration of feelings, and getting assistance from adults, as needed.  Speaking of grown-ups, one of the things I heart about these books is that they call the adults "my grown-up", which is really so clever.  Many times, children do not live with their mom or their dad, and saying I asked "my mom" or "my dad" for help may not be something they can relate to.  This is true for bereaved children, for children in foster care, and for children being raised by grandparents to name a few examples. 

Where Did My Good Mood Go normalizes the fact that we all have "down" and "out of sorts" days, but it also offers hope, by showing that feelings of upset don't last forever.  That's something we can all smile about!

Welcome, Ava and Listen to Me, Please, to the Kidlutions family of award winners!  So glad you're aboard!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Show Me How: Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking

Looking for a book that creates childhood magic? This is it! It’s no secret that I love books, but a book that helps parents promote a love of reading and their self-esteem at the same time? It’s a match made in heaven, if you ask me! Encouraging self-concept, helping kids deal with feelings and connecting with kids in a way that is meaningful is what this book is all about! Show Me How: Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking offers a mix of information, activities and support that really makes a difference.

This book is part of the “Positive Parental Participation” series, which is a very apt description of what this book promotes. Show Me How is written by Vivian Kirkfield, a professional in the early childhood arena. Once you read her this book, you’ll see why she comes by her expert status honestly. Kirkfield’s genuine care and concern for the youngest among us comes shining through in this book. You’ll feel her compassionate guidance throughout!

Each chapter focuses on a different area of social-emotional skill-building, including helping your child build their sense of self, a feeling of mastery or independence, as well as dealing with feelings that can cause discomfort (anger, fear, etc.). For each topic, you’ll find a book to read, an eco-friendly activity to complete and a healthy recipe to whip up with your kids. It’s all about spending quality time with your child, which is where the magic comes in.

According to the author’s website, this book:

~ Outlines a simple step-by-step schedule that provides a balanced and harmonious day.

~ Pinpoints 100 picture books every young child needs to hear and helps develop pre-literacy skills.

~ Provides both a child-friendly healthful recipe AND an age-appropriate, eco-friendly craft project for each story suggestion and summary.

~ Offers true-life scenarios and crucial tips to help every parent identify and deal with six of the fundamental components of child development that contribute to building self-esteem.

~ Presents the program's key ingredient for success, positive parental participation, and shows how to apply it on a daily basis whether you are reading, crafting, cooking or doing ANYTHING with your child.

There is no question, there are enough activities in Show Me How to keep you and your child busy for more than a year! The activities in the book are suitable for home use, daycare or early childhood classrooms.

To see one of my most favorite excerpts from Show Me How, go here. There, you’ll find one of the most beautiful interactions of helping a young child (whose behavior was less than desirable) to cope with the feeling, make amends and rejoin the family with full membership.

Welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family, Vivian. We like your style. Show Me How is a gift to the early childhood world!
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